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Is Bad Credit and Old Debt Standing Between You and Your Dream House?

Do you have bad credit or is the old debt a stumbling block between you and your dream house?

Before you negotiate your old debt, get in touch here

We might save you thousands of rand by legally writing-off (prescribe) your old and dead debt. This will also improve your credit ratings.

Know your rights!

Did you know that you are not legally obliged to pay an unsecured debt ( credit cards, personal and micro-loans, store cards,etc.), that is over 3 years old and has no legal actions attached to it? I have seen thousands of people reviving old and dead debt worth of thousands of rands, by simply falling victims of debt collectors' harassment!

Do your accounts qualify? Do you need to repair your credit ratings? Do you need to buy a property?

Contact us HERE now! To Find out.

Why you must buy a property now!

  • Interest rates have slumped down to 7%.

  • Property prices continue to fall- Property sellers are desperate to sell due to the current financial crisis.

  • Banks are approving 100% home loans than before. Meaning with a good credit record, you don't have to put down a deposit on your bond.

  • No transfer fees for properties below R1m.

This is the Buyer's Market! This is the best time to be a homeowner! Perhaps own a second or investment property.

Full story here

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