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Illegal Car Repo. Know Your Rights!

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

Skipped car payments? You still have rights! Don't let Debt Collectors to harass you and take your car illegally.

Find out as Kelebogile Mooketsi (Author/Financial & Credit Coach/Trainer and Debt Expert elaborate more tonight on MotswedingFM at 21h20-22h00 DSTV Channel 809.

I will tackle the below questions:

1. Is it possible for a car to be repossessed illegally?

• A go a kgonega gore koloi e e kolotwang e tsewe ka tlolo-molao?

2. What is the legal way to repossess your car?

• Tsela e e maleba e banka e tshwanetseng go e tsaya fa koloi e kolotwa ke efeng?

3. Do consumer have rights to defend repossession when legal actions/litigation has started?

• A moreki o na le ditshwanelo tsa go thibela banka go tsaya koloi ya gagwe?

4. Is it allowed for a debt collector to threaten you?

• A ke tshwanelo gore debt collector e tshosetse le go dirisa dikgoka go tsaya koloi e e kolotwang?

5. Can a debt collector take your car when parked in your yard?

• A debt collector e letlelesegile go tsaya koloi ya moreki e le kwa gae?

6. Is it allowed for the debt collector to call the police when you refuse to give away your car?

• Fa moreki a gana ka koloi ya gagwe, a debt collector e letlelesegile go bitsa mapodisi?

7. How can a consumer avoid repossession of the car?

• Modirisi a ka dira jang go thibela koloi e tsewe ke banka fa a e kolota

8. What happens if your car is repossessed?

• Go diragala eng fa koloi e tshotswe ke banka?

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