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How to Fix Your Credit Repair

Another day to be credit wise. Join Lindiwe Modise from and me tonight. I will unpack blacklisting and credit repair. Advise you on how to improve your credit ratings for better credit lending terms.

1. What is Blacklising?

· Blacklisting ke eng?

2. What makes a consumer/debtor to be blacklisted?

· Ke dikgato tse feng tse di dirang gore modirisi a nne blacklisted?

3. What is a credit bureau?

· Credit Bureau ke eng?

4. How many registered credit bureaus do we have?

· Ke tse kae tse di mo molaong/kwadisitsweng?

5. What are examples of blacklisting?

· Dikao tsa blacklisting ke tsefeng?

6. How can a consumer know that they are blacklisted?

· Modirisi a ka itse jang gore o blacklisted?

7. How can you clear your name from credit bureaus after being blacklisted?

· Modirisi a ka ntsha/pimola leina la gagwe jang ko credit bureaus morago ga gore a nne blacklisted?

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