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The Importance of understanding your credit profile

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

Once again, I will be with Lindiwe Modise MotswedingFM at 21h20-22h00 DSTV Channel 809. I will advise about understanding your credit profile. So that you can easily diagnose your financial state, and your credit rating for better financial decision making.

I will surely talk about the below concerns and more...

1. What is a credit Profile

· Credit Profile ke eng?

2. What is the importance of knowing your credit profile?

· Goreng modirisi a tshwanetse go itse ka credit profile ya gagwe?

3. What are challenge or problems you can find in your credit profile?

· Ke matsapa a feng a o ka fitlhelang mo credit profile?

4. How does credit score help you when you want to apply for credit?

· Credit score e ka thusa jang moreki fa a batla go reka ka sekoloto?

5. What influences the credit score to go up or down?

· Ke eng se se tlhotlheletsang credit score gore e ye ko tlase kgotsa ko godimo?

6. How can a consumer get access to their credit profile?

· Moreki a ka iponela credit report ya gagwe jang?

By: Kelebogile Mooketsi

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