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1. Preliminary Debt Prescription Analysis of Accounts

Do you want to check and analyse if your accounts qualify for prescription/cancellation?

Do you want to get a professional and expert strategy on how to update and avoid blacklisting/SCAMS?


  • Do you have old debts that are over 3 years old?
  • Do you have over 3 years of non-payment towards your account(s)?
  • Are debt collectors harassing you to pay an old debt that you defaulted for over 3 years?
  • Did debt collectors trick you into making payment towards the debt that is prescribed?
  • Were you tricked into applying for debt review?
  • Do you want to get clarity on your debt review status with NCR/trace your debt counsellor?
  • Do you want to stop debt collectors from relisting your prescribed debts?


Get 2 x reports that will check if your accounts qualify for debt prescription/cancellation

*Report 1= Details about your accounts and their payment history

*Report 2= The expert credit analysis of your accounts and recommendations by Kelebogile Mooketsi (Credit Repair Coach & Debt Expert)

*15 Min Telephone Consultation: Your Strategic Credit Repair Plan with Kelebogile Mooketsi


It's about time you exercise your consumer rights!

It's about time you put those debt collectors into silence!

Order this service NOW!


If you are struggling to process payment here, email for assistance with EFT Banking details.

Credit Profiling + Debt Prescription Analysis

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