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This is a self-help and personal transformation book. Comprehensive yet a quick read about a


"Financial Self-reflection Guide" in a metaphor. This book will inspire, motivate and provoke you to discover anything that wastes your money, including your own financial decisions and actions.




It's about time you become 'Boss' of your money. To eliminate debt, and gain the lasting financial freedom that you're meant to have.




But life happens, doesn't it...?




Whether it's a job loss or a loss of your business. Perhaps your marriage or your great relationship is a thing of the past now. Have you lost your loved ones or even your sense of self? Is the harassment from Debt Collectors disturbing your financial peace? Hang in there!




Has financial stress led you to soak into depression, anxiety, suicidal attempts, and every illness in between? This too shall pass!




Are you hopeless with bitterness, shame, and guilt about bad financial decisions you made? Are low self-esteem, self-doubt, and ungodly fear making you numb? Are you at a financial crossroads? Find comfort in the divine wisdom that encourages you to acknowledge and nurture your God-given gifts and purpose. Your keys to blessed finances!




A guide to the Gig Economy and the New Economy. Reinvent your entrepreneurship and monetize your skills, experience, and networks to earn passive income beyond the effects of COVID-19 and 4IR.




You are still here, that's a significant sign that God still has greater plans beyond your financial worries!




The metaphor of 'Money-Bucket' represents your day-to-day quest to achieve financial abundance. 'Holes' represent challenges that life throws at you (external factors that affect your finances negatively) and also your financial behaviour (internal factors) that can create financial woes.




If your Money-Bucket is not filled up with the money to your satisfaction? Either it's tough for you to fill it up with money or more money. Also, it could be leaking due to holes that you might not even be aware of!






Kelebogile is a Financial Therapist and Entrepreneur. For over 13 years she dedicated her life and career to educating and coaching her community, employees, students, entrepreneurs, and financially stressed individuals through her: Financial Therapy, Debt management, Financial Well-being Training, Home-ownership advisory, and services. An award-winning entrepreneur from various enterprise development programs, including Cherie Blair International Women Mentorship-USA. She is a Certified Financial Education Instructor-(CFEI) from Financial Educators Council (USA) and an NCR-Registered & accredited Debt Counsellor.


She has qualifications in Marketing; Financial Planning; Property Investing and post-graduation in Management Advancement Programme (MAP)-Wits Business School.


Her passion to connect deeper with her audience, encouraged her to complete the Train The Trainer-TTT course through T. Harv Eker (Success Resource International) and also, Life Coaching Program from Haaga-Helia University-(Finland).









AFRICA Award-Winning Book: Money-Bucket Holes Explained

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