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* Are Debt Collectors giving you sleepless nights?

* Do you want to get out of  Debt Review?

* Do you want to cancel Old Unsecured Debt?

* Are you facing a dead-end with your money matters?

* Do you wish to reach out to someone who won't judge you for your past and current financial challenges?

* Want to qualify for your Dream House or Car?




When you are having sleepless nights due to money or credit issues, at times you just need to speak to someone who will listen to your pain and symphathise with your journey. Someone who can also give CREDIBLE, HONEST, and CLEAR ADVISE on how to get unstuck and move forward.


There are a lot of SCAMS in the debt management and credit repair industry that operate outside the law. They promise consumers quick-fix solutions that are in breach of the law of this country.


Avoid being their statistics!


It is wise to FIRST seek PROFESSIONAL  advise on how to deal with your money matter to prevent you from paying exorbitant money on scams that will leave you in the WORST financial situation than before.



  • Do you need to reach out and speak to an Expert and a Professional about your unique Debt/Credit Repair or Financial Issues?
  • Do you need to speak to a Credible Expert with over 14 years of experience in the field?
  • Do you need an unbiased advisory?
  • Do you need advise that might SAVE you money?
  • Do you advise that won't get you on the wrong side of the law?
  • Do you need to know/ be educated about your consumer rights within your debt/credit repair and financial space?


E.G. A nominal fee of R350.00 ONCE-OFF can save you R10 000  unduly spent towards 'DEBT REVIEW REMOVAL' SCAMS or 'ILLEGAL' DEBT COLLECTION activities.


Kelebogile Mooketsi is a Behavioural Finance Therapist, Credit Repair Coach and a Debt Expert, she has a gift of connecting with people at any level whilst providing wisdom on how to maneuver around your current financial woes. She herself has experienced harsh financial difficulties and she's able to identify with your money matters in many ways.




Book your spot NOW to get the EARLIEST SLOT on her busy diary!

15 Mins Telephone Consultation With Kelebogile

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